BEAU JENNINGS & THE TIGERS | The Thunderbird (out September 6, 2019)


Although he’s released five full-length albums over the years, whether as a solo artist or with the Americana rock act Cheyenne, Beau Jennings says The Thunderbird - his upcoming full-length debut recorded with his new band The Tigers - “feels like the first chapter of a new career.”

“We’ve played together for years,” Jennings says. “And things kept coming together, kept building, we kept looking for and eventually found our sound. This album is the natural result of that.”

In many ways, The Thunderbird is indeed a new beginning for Jennings. He’d previously spent nearly decade creating The Verdigris, an ambitious music and documentary film project inspired by the life of Cherokee cowboy, actor and political humorist Will Rogers. He finished the project, which was released in 2015, with help from filmmaker Bradley Beesley. “After The Verdigris, it took some time to be able to zoom out and write songs not so laser focused on one topic,” he says. “And even though I was trying not to, I still found themes emerging once the songs came together,” Jennings says. “My loose goal was to capture the pure fun and energy I get from playing with the Tigers and to make a classic summertime rock and roll record. The songs are about people and places I know,” he added. “It allowed me to get out of my own way, so to speak. I got to thinking about the stories of everyday people and the things that happen while they’re just living their lives.”

The Thunderbird will be available on limited edition vinyl and as digital download. Hear the album’s title track here:

Christopher Stellman