ARTIST: The Broadway Hush

TITLE: By Ship or By Shoe

FORMAT: 7" Vinyl

EDITION: 300, hand-numbered 

This is the debut release from the Broadway Hush -- early side project of Michael Nau (Page France, Cotton Jones, etc). Beautiful vocals courtesy of Whitney McGraw.

Both songs recorded with Josh Dooley (Map, Starflyer 59), and the B-side is a Map cover.



ARTIST: Jai Agnish

TITLE: Mechanical Sunshine


Gorgeous and inventive pop music made with guitars, synths, kids' toys, and various other noise-makers. Jai Agnish (whose other notable projects include Flygirl Zine) picks up here where he left off on Automata (another weirdo pop masterpiece praised by everyone from Newsweek to Pitchfork). 

"Mechanical Sunshine stands tall as an exemplary work of real artistic expression." -- Delusions of Adequacy

"Simplicity and complexity collide with the end result being excellent. Any fan of Posatal Service, Steve Burns or Half Handed Cloud should enjoy this album immensely." -- Buzzgrinder

"Jai Agnish has a literate, grainy sound that's tough to pin down - combining loops reminiscent of Philip Glass with programmed electronic textures, acoustic guitar, and a wobbly, compelling singing voice." -- Chicago Tribune



ARTIST: Cheyenne / The Hot Pentecostals

TITLE: Prodigal Sons

FORMAT: 7" Vinyl

EDITION: 400, hand-numbered 

Numbered edition of 400. Before Beau Jennings had the Tigers he had Cheyenne, and before Lord Buffalo came to be there were the Hot Pentecostals. Both bands with Oklahoma roots (though Cheyenne at the time was based in Brooklyn, and the Hot Pentecostals in Austin) came together to release two fantastic songs on an Oklahoma label.




ARTIST: Map / Gary Murray

TITLE: Friends Who Play Guitar

FORMAT: 7" Vinyl

EDITION: 400, hand-numbered

Numbered edition of 400. The legendary Friends Who Play Guitar 7" (or Starflyer Covers 7" as it came to be known) finds Josh Dooley (Map, Starflyer 59) and Gary Murray (LN) turning in their takes on two Starflyer classics. Map covers "When I Learn to Sing", and Mr. Murray renders a devastating cover of "Next Time Around" (seriously, it's devastating). 



ARTIST: The Brothers Martin

TITLE: s/t

FORMAT: 12" Vinyl (180 gram black)


Limited edition of 500. The Brothers Martin LP was a dream come true for fans of Starflyer 59 and Joy Electric. Brothers Jason and Ronnie merge their signature sounds to create an album of new wave / electro pop perfection. The CD was released on Tooth & Nail, but we were lucky enough to get to release the LP.

Fun fact: music from this album was featured on the pilot of that NBC TV show Chuck.



ARTIST: Cheyenne

TITLE: The Land Rush


EDITION: limited, with hand-screened artwork

Beau Jennings is a hell of a songwriter, as he's demonstrated time and again over the years (with his solo work, with Cheyenne, and with the Tigers). This EP showcases some of his finest work, including favorites "I'll Be Gone" and "The Army Marching Past".  




ARTIST: Lord Buffalo

TITLE: Lord Buffalo

FORMAT: 12" Vinyl (180 gram black/clear swirl)

EDITION: 300, hand-numbered

After four EPs and countless shows, Lord Buffalo will be releasing their first full length record this November. Self-titled, the record captures the band exploring the sonic space of the great plains--the play between the flooding river and the land, the intersection of folk art, experimental, and psychedelia. The record was recorded in Austin, TX with Erik Wofford (Black Angels, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Adam Torres) and and mastered by Leff Lipton (Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Spoon, Wilco).

"Lord Buffalo is awash in mood and might. The LP offers up plenty of elegantly arranged sinister moments but it's always trudging forward in hopes of finding some light through all the darkness." -- Nathan Poppe, NewsOK

"Lord Buffalo’s self-titled LP is mesmerizing, an impassioned and startling work that successfully translates the dangerous beauty of the deepest parts of the West into a musical experience." -- Nick Hanover, OVRLD

"...A furious maelstrom of sound... The band goes back and forth in quiet/loud until the absolutely towering conclusion that would put a lot of more traditional post-rock bands to shame in sheer force." -- Stephen Carradini, Independent Clauses

"Wholly satisfying... Desert rock has never been more tantalizing than with this album. This band has made something truly special for their craft in such a way that easily separates them apart from the rest of the crowd. Lord Buffalo has done an unbelievable job here." -- Head-Banger Reviews

"Truly unforgettable." -- Chris Barnes, Hellride Music