JAI AGNISH | Mechanical Sunshine CD

JAI AGNISH | Mechanical Sunshine CD

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Gorgeous and inventive pop music made with guitars, synths, kids' toys, and various other noise-makers. Jai Agnish (whose other notable projects include Flygirl Zine) picks up here where he left off on Automata (another weirdo pop masterpiece praised by everyone from Newsweek to Pitchfork). Grab a copy of this overlooked out-of-print gem before it's too late.

"Mechanical Sunshine stands tall as an exemplary work of real artistic expression." -- Delusions of Adequacy

"Simplicity and complexity collide with the end result being excellent. Any fan of Posatal Service, Steve Burns or Half Handed Cloud should enjoy this album immensely." -- Buzzgrinder

"Jai Agnish has a literate, grainy sound that's tough to pin down - combining loops reminiscent of Philip Glass with programmed electronic textures, acoustic guitar, and a wobbly, compelling singing voice." -- Chicago Tribune

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